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About company

Escort-Center Ltd. has come upfrom asmall security service enterprise set upin1991 byengineers and physicians, who have devoted their lives tocreation ofsecurity facilities complexes ofvarious grades.

Nowadays, weare the team oflike-minded high-skilled specialists with outstanding experience indealing with security equipping ofState boundary security institutes oftheRF, residencies ofstates first persons, plants, banks, airports, oil pipelines, etc. Thanks tothat, wehave also gained international recognition.

The core business ofthe company iscreation ofintegrated security systems for major sites covering the full cycle, starting with vulnerability assessment todesign, installation, maintenance and training ofcustomers stuff.

Company financial policy isaimed atstable profit earning for the following development and production ofcompetitive features ofhigh quality.

Annual turnover ofthe company has exceeded 5.5bln. rubles in2012.

The headquarter ofthe company isbased inMoscow, our projects are held invariety ofcities oftheRF, such asMurmansk, Rostov-on-Don, Pyatigorsk, etc., and also inCIS countries. The enterprise has about 700 well-trained specialists.

Weconcentrated main working capacities inthe headquarter, including new equipment and intellectual products development, security systems designing for large objects and for objects ofspecial importance. Wehave anopportunity tokeep special trainings inthe design-engineering model hall inour company.

Provision ofultimate safety for our customers, work control and absolute confidentiality are the foremost aims ofour business.

Equipping facilities with security systems and complexes

The company solves its main task on equipping different facilities with security systems and complexes by performing the whole range of work from pre-project inspection stage to the facility handover for commissioning, including hardware warranty and post-warranty service and staff training. The high scientific and technical and productive potential of the company enables solving tasks on creation of technical security complexes of any degree of complexity: from systems for a small facility to large management and control complexes.
Work cycle on facility equipping includes the following stages:

  • The facility examination.
  • Development of the facility security concept provision.
  • Participation in design and harmonization of technical specifications for the facility complex security system design.
  • The facility complex security system design.
  • Development of requirements to automatic control of psychosomatic state of the staff responsible for the facility security state control and security systems management (this task is destined for design of responsible facilities and is in developmental stage).
  • Development of corrective actions complex in relation to operation of the complex security system at facility exposure to anthropogenic, natural and subjective factors, and at occurrence of emergency situations in technical security systems (this task is in developmental stage);
  • Equipment and special software design and manufacture.
  • Acquisition and delivery of third party equipment.
  • Construction, wiring and commissioning.
  • Delivery of the complex to the Customer.
  • After-sales service.

Only for the last 10 years Escort Center Ltd. developed and implemented over 400 projects on equipping civilian and military facilities with complex security systems.

Such project customers are Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Transport, Federal Security Service, Border Service of Federal Security Service of Russia, and Federal Agency for State Border Infrastructure Development, Federal Customs Service.
The large public and private corporations, such as Gazprom, RAO UES, Stroytransgaz, Lukoil, Transneft, Giprotruboprovod, Rosenergoatom Concern, Kurchatov Institute, Moscow Underground Railway and the others act among the Russian Customers. An individual approach to each Customer is performed.

By the Order of the President of the Russian Federation from July 04, 2011 N 357- On determining the single executors of state orders on execution of works concerning the system of manufacture, preparation and control of new generation passport and visa documents in the part related to the Russian border, Escort Center Ltd. was assigned the single state order executor in this segment.

The list of Foreign Customers includes national laboratories of Department of Energy of the USA, such as Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Sandia National Laboratories, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade of Canada, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of the United Kingdom, Ministry of Economic Development of the Italian Republic, the State Inspectorate for Nuclear Security in Sweden and the others.

All the facilities were accepted for warranty and post-warranty service, and routine facility systematization is carried out.


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